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Unlike most other dating apps where you put your best self forward and bond over shared interests, Hater’s premise is to find you matches based on mutually hated topics.Users are given 3,000 subjects to give their opinion on including slow walkers, butt selfies and sub-par tipping.

From deepest Tokyo, the mountain’s base can be reached in under an hour, from where the city’s pandemonium will seem like little more than a fever dream you’d rather forget.

that included a lengthy interview with the manga’s creator, Hajime Isayama, in which he talks about such topics as how it feels to have produced an ultramega hit, how he came to be interested in manga, his inspiration behind the characters he’s created, and his thoughts on recent kaiju films, among a lot of other things.

You may notice that the interviewer talks to Isayama almost like a psychologist; this is because he, in fact, is.

as one of the more unique entries in the dating-sim genre.

You play as a (fully customisable) single father, who moves into the sleepy town of Maple Bay with your headstrong teenage daughter, Amanda.

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As a maturing young woman, Amanda has her own difficulties.

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