Are peter mansbridge and claire martin dating

He was on camera, reporting for The National about how it feels to cover the Games without official access.

For the first time in 16 years, the public network didn’t have the Olympic broadcast rights, and Mansbridge was feeling it. When you don’t, you’re working real hard just trying to find somewhere, anywhere, you’re allowed to go to tell the story.” So Mansbridge made that the story, drumming up an odd mix of protest and pathos in a bit of verité confession that played like a You Tube blog.

Other notable guests included BC Cancer Foundation board member John Jennings, as well as interim research vice president Dr.

Sam Abraham, and CBC senior meteorologist Claire Martin.

Charpentier hired the 19-year-old Mansbridge as the host of CHFC's late night music program.

For Peter Mansbridge, it seemed so out of character.

It was the second night of the Olympics and he was walking the streets of Whistler looking adrift, like the kid not invited to the party.

“Friday night,” he recalled, “I’m miles away from the opening ceremonies, hanging out on the balcony of a bar where inside the crowd is having a ball watching it all on TV—not our channel. “Look up there,” he marvelled, with disingenuous awe.

“That’s the fancy CTV Whistler location, home base for their skiing and luge coverage.

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