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The Cartouche also allowed Gruen to offer sleeker watch designs, since the case didn't have to disguise the bulge of a round movement inside.

Most women's wristwatches from the 1920s were worn on silk ribbons, as shown above.

John Williams was president of the First National bank of Springfield. In 1879, due to financial difficulties, the company was reorganized and the name changed to the Illinois Springfield Watch Company.

John Stuart was a Springfield lawyer and former partner of Abraham Lincoln. Illinois later produced an extensive line of extremely fine and accurate Railroad-grade pocket watches like the "Sangamo Special," "Bunn Special" and "Santa Fe Special" (just to name a few).

The caption reads, "Note that although the Cartouche appears much smaller and more attractive, the wheels and parts are actually larger because the movement fills out the entire case space." Wristwatch popularity began to steadily rise in the 1920s, especially among women.

While I like a fine watch movement, I can be persuaded to buy a watch based on its visual appeal if I really enjoy the dial and the overall look, even if the movement is nothing special. I buy watches to wear and enjoy them, and if I find that I don't wear a watch frequently enough it doesen't stay around long.

I have tried to render and image my watches in ways I hope you find unique, interesting and enjoyable.

Putting a round movement into a long, rectangular case meant that most of the interior volume of the watch was wasted.

Gruen's first movement designed specifically for wristwatches was the Cartouche, released in 1921 and used in a line of elegant women's watches.

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