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I asked an anonymous group of dudes the immortal questions: how can you tell if a woman is a potential future wife or just someone they want to have sex with?

Maybe you loved your Demon's partying ways—at first—but now you're just in hell and ready for a change.

How do you lose an immortal in ten days when he's going to live forever? " On the flip side, how do you lure that luscious immortal when he refuses to date outside his species? Enjoy this journey into the thrilling world of true paranormal romance.

LOLThis is really an enjoyable, light hearted read and if you are looking to gain some "info" into the hot hero's of your PNR books then look no further!

It has lots of photos and some really funny fake ads...enjoy! I want to thank Molly over at Reviews By Molly for introducing this to me!!

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