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Fortunately, we ran into Sia at Honor's New York Fashion Week show yesterday and had all of these pressing inquiries answered. I don't really know anyone in the fashion industry, but I think I'm going to Alexander Wang, Chris Benz. I have a new rule that every time it comes on, unless I'm on the highway, I pull over and have a dance party.Read on to hear how Sia got connected with Guetta and Flo Rida, which of them she says is a great "hugger" and which is a "geek burger," and what she does when she hears her new jams on the radio. I would like to be invited to more shows because I like to look at all of the fancy clothes that people wear -- it just totally spins me the fuck out and I love it. I'm now writing for other artists and so I have a bunch of stuff coming out. I have songs on four A-list artists' records that will be coming out in the next year or so. Lots of songs on their records -- at least three on each! It's a little self-congratulatory or self-masturbatory but I do feel very proud.The star was pretty miffed following one outing with R-Patz, 27, when paparazzi bulbs made her frock see-through. It was her smash-hit "Chandelier" that threw her onto the music map in 2014 and she's been steadily topping charts around the globe since then.He started putting me in sessions for pop writing and that was one of the first ones I did. I wrote "Titanium" and recorded it in 42 minutes and the Flo Rida one took twelve. I only met him the day I wrote [the song] and haven't met him since. Moving from fashion to music, how did you wind up working with Flo Rida and David Guetta? Blige sang it but later [David Guetta] opted to put my demo vocal back on and I actually didn't know. It wasn't until press came out and he was talking about me that I asked my manager, "Why is he talking about me?

After years as every pop lovers' favourite secret, Sia finally hit the big time in 2011 when she guested on David Guetta's Titanium - a track she penned but didn't actually intend to perform on (it was first offered to Katy Perry and also recorded by Mary J Blige).The bisexual Aussie songstress is not happy she is suddenly part of the celeb gossip circuit amid feverish speculation she has replaced Kristen Stewart as RPatz’s lover, following a number of sightings with the Twilight hunk.‘As much as I love d***, I’m not dating Robert Pattinson,’ the 37-year-old tweeted. ’ Furler, who scored a number one singing on Flo Rida’s track Wild Ones, has been linked to the British heartthrob after going to a Jay Z and Justin Timberlake gig in California with him last month before having drinks with him a few days later.[Laughs]Do you hang out with Flo Rida or David Guetta now? And David, I didn't meet until months and months and months after the record had already come out and now I've met him maybe four times. Singer-songwriter Sia Furler took to her official Twitter page late last night (August 7) to tell her followers that she has just finished working with someone really exciting.

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