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The Net Time project has been resurrected by myself, Mark Griffiths, and I'm now making an updated version available here: If you find Net Time useful, please consider making a donation to show your appreciation and to encourage further development of Net Time!Version 3.14 - Current Stable Version: Previous versions as well as the source code can be downloaded from the Source Forge project page Note: When upgrading from a previous version, you will need to shut down both the Net Time Service as well as the Tray Icon before running the installer.If you wish to set the time you could do it on a once-off basis…However, if you reboot your Beaglebone the time will be back to the good old year 2000.So, we need a way to update this each time the Beaglebone boots.

However, if it has Internet, you can make it sync the date and time from a time-server.

You can configure clock synchronization on your appliance by adding NTP server entries to the file from either the configuration utility or the command line interface, or by manually modifying the file and then starting the NTP daemon (NTPD).

The clock synchronization configuration does not change if the appliance is restarted, upgraded, or downgraded.

I've experienced this issue several times, personally, and it always makes me wish Android's clock would simply sync with official time-keeping services like NTP or NIST.

Well thanks to a recent update to a popular Android app, this can finally be accomplished on newer Android versions, meaning you can ensure that your system clock is always in sync with atomic time.

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With all of the options tweaked to your liking now, head back out to Clock Sync's main menu.

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