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Building on the ground swell of interest in social justice education, this book offers coverage of current issues and controversies.It presents a well-constructed foundation for engaging the complex and often daunting problems of discrimination and inequality in American Society. - An Anthology on Racism, Antisemitism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Ableism, and Classism. Keywords: Oppression, Theory, Social Justice This book covers the scope of social oppression form a social justice standpoint.To search our holdings click the links below when the page pops up use Ctrl F to search listings. Keywords: Sociology, Lesbianism, Non-fiction, Feminism The first book-length statement on the relationship of Lesbianism to Feminism, as well as the first serious nonfiction account of the Lesbian experience, described carefully and logically from an authentic, inside perspective rather than the prejudging eyes of an orthodox psychiatric disapproval and its softer, more insidious corollary, an alienating “clinical detachment.” It is also, incidentally a unique, close-range history of the new women’s movement as it faced one of its major issues and crises. Social Justice.– Taylor & Francis Group, LLC, c2007.

(ii) Leadership Council of the Environment and Public Policy Section of the Association for Conflict Resolution, (iii) the Alternative Dispute Resolution Section Council for the Maryland State Bar Association (iv) the American Bar Association Committee on Use of Collaborative Processes by Federal Agencies to Improve Citizen Participation, (v) the Fort Collins Symphony Guild and (vi) the Legacy Land Trust.

Aakif Ahmad is co-founder of Convergence Center for Policy Resolution where he supported organizational strategy, project development, operations and finance, fund and network development, staff recruitment and external communications.

He helped to guide the Convergence Project on Nutrition and Wellness and to launch the Convergence Project on Federal Budget Process Reform.

It’s been making headlines all week (“Twinkie diet helps man lose weight” and “Trying To Lose Weight…

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