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Seriously, this is one of the worst bugs I could imagine for a gaming platform, I don't want to have to keep going through 3 days of downloading and dealing with slow internet every 5 days because steam keeps wiping the folders on my hard drive, under NO circumstances should steam be deleting the ENTIRE game cache. I'm severely bandwidth capped where I am and I lost my entire library (close to 30 games).

Just to make this perfectly clear, this is not steam refusing to recognize games on my hard drive, this is steam DELETING 130gb of games and removing ANY trace of them. Luckily I had backups of a few of my favorite games, but this is still inconvenient.

The button underneath that deletes all downloaded files associated with Windows 10, which can save you several gigabytes of space.

I canceled one of the download windows and let the other continue, the one I canceled popped up with an "unpacking" status window and I canceled that as well, as it was an incomplete download. I have a feeling it was the cancelling during this unpacking process that caused the issue. I just were waiting until everything will be installed. One thing you could do in case it happens again is just create a hardlink to your common directory.All we have heard on the PC front was smooth sailing when it comes to performance. As we all know any software will contain Bugs and annoyances and this is our way of allowing you to have potential fixes as quickly as possible.If you want to know what version is the latest version currently someone has been very helpful in providing both a website and a twitter account to let you know.One thing I would recommend doing is checking release notes with every release, this will show you what has been fixed or changed in that specific version.

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