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There is no official data on the population of transgender people in Pakistan, but Trans Action Pakistan estimates they number at least half a million in a country of 190 million.

Trans people technically enjoy better rights in Pakistan than in many other nations across the world, but in practice they are marginalized and face discrimination when it comes to health, education and jobs. The country's Supreme Court has in recent years taken steps towards recognizing their basic rights.

In a televised press conference earlier this week Gulalai accused Khan of harassing female leaders in the PTI and resigned from the party.In 2009, the court ruled that "hijras" - which include transvestites, transsexuals and eunuchs - could get national identity cards as a "third sex." Since then it has also declared equal rights for transgender people, including the right to inherit property and assets, the right to vote and to be counted as a separate category in the country's national census.Yet many hijras in Pakistan, as well as other South Asian nations such as India and Bangladesh, are attacked, murdered, raped or forced to work as sex workers to support themselves.The accusations come days after Pakistan’s top court disqualified Khan’s long-time political nemesis Nawaz Sharif from the premiership on corruption charges, spurring public celebrations from the cricketer-turned-politician and his supporters.Newly elected Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi, seen as a Sharif loyalist, on Friday backed moves to form a parliamentary committee to investigate the matter after a group of legislators raised the allegations in the house.

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