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There are jingles, a cake of the month, dating tips, and a pair of special fragrances created by local polytechnic students. Romance is one thing, but vice is something else altogether.

I find it really exciting that you can do things, there are techniques on there that actually — I will say attack perse, I will say actually works on the subconscious ofthe prospect, of your target and that you can actually influence them to do things that they would otherwise would not choose to do. The reciprocation rule, contrast rule that, as there are so many techniques on there.

I reckon all of them can be use one way or another.

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In a refutation of Singapore’s most infamous law, you are also allowed to buy gum. The gum must be sugarless and therapeutic, and it’s only available by prescription. But as a place to visit, Singapore has plenty to recommend it—and most of its charms are directly related to the efforts of the tough-love regime.

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