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The Island nation of Sri Lanka, renowned as the land of eternal charm is home to a network of different ethnic groups, all which have helped weave the country’s multi-cultural fabric. It is pity to observe that many are categorised as endangered and some have reached the critical stage of extinction, but they continue to play much significance as citizens of Lanka.

The minorities dwindle to a handful, and communities like Portuguese Burghers, Dutch Burghers, Sri Lankan Malays, Bharathas, Parsis, Khojas, Telugus, Malabaris, Borahs and Memons are some of the best known examples.

At least 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone some form of female genital cutting, according to the United Nations — 70 million more than in 2014 because of increases in both population and reporting. Faced with this prospect, experts in the respected international Journal of Medical Ethics in February proposed permitting small female genital cuts that 'uphold cultural and religious traditions without sacrificing the health and wellbeing of girls and young women.' But this approach is already carried out in the Bohra community and is proving highly controversial.

Sameena's mother, Bilqis, poses for a photograph in Mumbai, India.

Ranalvi remembers when she was 7, her grandmother promised her candy and ice cream.

We match you with single Muslims who share your core values, as we know that it’s these beliefs that provide the solid foundations that happy relationships are built on.

We’re not about throwaway flings; we’re here to help you find that potential marriage partner you’ve been waiting for.

123-Matrimonials Dawoodi bohra Matrimonials is different from other Dawoodi bohra matrimony because we believe that you shouldn't ever have to pay to meet people.

We also believe you deserve a high quality service.

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