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Throughout the 1940s, under Minister of Education C. This eliminated the problem for families with limited financial means that would formerly have had to choose to send their sons to school as an educated son was commonly believed to bring the benefits of education back to his family and support his parents in old age.

Kannangara’s reforms thus fostered equal opportunity education and helped to reduce the gender gap in educational enrolment.Large fines for overstaying a visa can occur in Sri Lanka.Travellers must have yellow fever and cholera immunizations if they are arriving from an infected area.The two groups are also separated by religion; the Sinhalese are predominantly Buddhists while the Tamils are generally Hindus, although there is a significant Tamil-speaking Muslim community in the eastern province and some Sinhalese are also Muslims.There are also a number of other ethnic and religious minorities, including Moors, Mdays and Christians ( 1993, 1174; Canada 1990, 1; Chandrahasan 1979, 120).

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