Tripit ical feed not updating Cam chat black man

Google Calendar just isn't respecting/reflecting it. Is there any way to "force" a Google Calendar sync?

I've tried adding/removing the feed, to no avail...

And I have future trips that are correctly in Google Calendar. I've manually examined the XML and i Cal feeds, and the trip is present.

i Calendar (*extension) is a popular file format used to distribute calendar information between different applications over the internet.

MCB distributes both seminars and graduate events in i Cal format for the convenience of faculty and other department members.

Note that some calendar applications will refresh on their own (Google Calendar, for example, can take up to a day before you see changes), so you may want to wait.

So, you've got a Trip It account and you've set up your calendar feed, but some of your plans aren't showing up in your calendar. If you happen to forward a travel confirmation email to [email protected] an email address that is not associated with your main Trip It account, we'll automatically create a new account for that address. Add all of your work and personal email addresses to your account on the Email Settings page. If any of these email addresses are linked to another account, we will help you merge your accounts.

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Many different applications support i Cal, including Apple i Cal (i Phone and i Pad), Google Calendar (Android and Gmail), Microsoft Outlook, Sunrise Calendar, and more.

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