Roger burgess dating melanie troxel

We are here to see how the class is doing in Europe and plan also to visit the Middle East and Australia."Frank continued "We didn't want to prejudge the sport in Europe but are impressed.The car count and quality is much higher than ten years ago.Frank Hawley is visiting the Nitr Olymp X with Roger Burgess, Melanie Troxel and Tommy Johnson Jr.Frank said "I raced at Santa Pod in the early eighties and have made a few trips to France and Germany in the late nineties. Hockenheim is part of automotive history and I like all forms of motorsport so just being here gives me a thrill; the facilities are fantastic.Melanie Troxel, the fan favorite drive that’s been behind the controls of almost everything in the sport with wheels on it, confirmed via her Facebook page on Friday that effective immediately, team owner Roger Burgess has ceased operations of the Funny Car portion of R2B2 Racing.Said Troxel: “R2B2 Racing is shutting down the funny car operation as of today.

She started driving Jr Dragsters at 8 years old, with 37 career wins in 8 years of competition, she knew that she wanted to become a professional drag racer and put her mind to it.

I’m excited to share with you my plans for the future.

As you know, I grew up in the racing world and spent more than a decade driving race cars for a living.

Force had confidence that she could finally grab her first Wally Sunday.

“Sometimes a driver just feels that way and I had it,” she said.

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