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Useful Macro's.npcbot helper (Brings up summoning menu).npcbot (CLASS) Quick Vid: (Thanks Mferrill for uploading it for me).'s Forgot to mention, the Addon.7z contains Trinity Admin, GM Helper, Go Move, GM Genie, and Vip Chat (working with custom feature)Also, Patch-I. (All found in Repository's Download Section as well) - creates random bot of given class to selected player.

Use on self ** remove (rem) - removes selected npcbot.

NOTE: If you select self it will remove ALL npcbots ** command (c) ...

*** follow (fol, f) - puts all your bots to follow you (out of combat) *** stay (st, s) - makes all your bots hold position (out of combat) ** reset (res) - recreates selected npcbot (or all of them if selected self) ** distance (dist, d) - sets bot follow distance.

Please note that this will clear your current cellular and Wi-Fi network settings, including saved networks, Wi-Fi passwords, and VPN settings.

Yeah the pictures are very misleading, its hard to show the things that make the UI look special, which is why I tried showing it with everything unlocked to show placements of the addon's when they are active but its just not the same.

Hope people are enjoying it, tried my best to make it as good as I could, and I will keep updating it as often as needed. I've changed the SQL to add support for bots over level 80, and modified a little for the same reason.

Also I added in Worgen and Goblin support (A little hackey, but functioning)You can find my source here if you'd like to contribute to the repack - https://..4562/tc2botcore There is a custom in the 3.3.5a branch, it was originally written by Rochet2, so please ask him before you spread it around.

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