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Thanks to Whisper we’ve taken a peak into the world of some people and discovered some of their thoughts and confessions.

This is why we learned about a bunch of women who prefer having sex on the first date.

“You need to do this for me to stay in this relationship.” “There’s a lot of social pressure,” explained another, “especially at our age, a lot of girls just want to be in a relationship and are almost willing to do anything.” So teens see oral sex as a “better, less risky” alternative to vaginal sex.I'm looking for an attractive thin blond who is looking for a no strings attached relationship.I have and open mind an watch out cause im am the fattest ninja ever and i will breath heavy when i walk up more then one flight of stairs, ye cause im that bad ass! Now, exchange your quiz with the person beside you and get those grading pens out!We’ll go over the answers together, just to make everything more awesome and awkward!

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says in its fourth annual "Singles in America" survey, 85 percent of men say kissing is appropriate on a first date versus 70 percent of women. First dates may be more serious than many think -- 51 percent of singles say they imagined a future together while on a first date -- 56 percent of men and 48 percent women.

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