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Love can also be the most potent weapon in the world because you cannot make it stop easily.But if we are being honest, having a long distance relationship is not a simple task for anybody.All you need is perfect timing and a flawless – or as close to it, anyway – delivery. #11 That was pretty cool – what you did back there. Expressing yourself can be difficult, considering how nervous you’d feel if you were about to tell your crush that you like them. No matter if you’ve been together for 1 year or 20 years, your anniversary is a special moment in time for you and your partner.There are many ways you can celebrate your one-of-a-kind love as your anniversary comes around this year, but one thing that is certain is that you’ll want to make it extraordinary.The past year has surely been filled with plenty of ‘firsts’ for the both of you and with each day you’ve learned and loved something more about your partner.Make sure he knows that you appreciate all he does with an anniversary quote.

You’ll feel better knowing the truth, rather than just fantasizing about the relationship that could have been. We are not saying here that being in love is just to touch a person, it is not that, it is an incessant feeling that doesn’t end just because you are not touching someone, but the simple enjoyment of the presence of someone is very important and with a long distance relationship it is difficult to get used to the fact that for a while it will be just you and a phone with the voice of your loved one at the other end.All of this is why one of the best ways of keeping a long distance relationship warm and affectionate is knowing how many long distance relationships work, it is proved that knowing what to say and when to say it can guarantee you more than a 50% of success in anything that you are trying to achieve, but sometimes you get frustrated and start saying things without any real purpose whatsoever, the problem is that these things stay, they don’t go away, they just leave a mark and if it persists the relationship will surely be deteriorated in practically no time.You’ve spent yet another magical year together and the best way to put a smile on his face is to remind him how much he means to you.These happy anniversary quotes for him will help you say just how you’re feeling and will most importantly, touch his heart.

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