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This is a story of how I turned a booty call into a proper date. As he held my hands across the table, he told me he had lived in Asia for many years and was really good at receiving and giving massages.

(Because, of course he was.) He was becoming more attractive by the minute. As in, "Do you want to go into the bathroom and make out right now?

Booty Call: Does he text the dreaded words “Come Through,” once or every other week? He doesn’t know much about you because he doesn’t ask anymore.

I was going to ban all dating, but that would have been a little redundant – who actually meets people offline these days? going on a couple of dates a week with the expectation that you’ll eventually meet a partner), online dating can be expensive, soul-destroying and above all, time consuming.

Not just the dates themselves, but the endless emails you end up sending before you even go on a date.

A couple of dates go by and you slip up and give him the goods earlier than you intended. The plans to visit that amazing restaurant downtown still stands. You two actively make plans that he follows through on without anything sexual involved.

Dating: You’ve spent the day together and it’s getting very late.

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