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The reality star is taking part in MTV's new dating show Single AF, along with famous faces like Farrah Abraham, Jedward and drag queen Courtney Act.Today, Marns and Courtney – real name Shane Jenek – stripped to their smalls for a few rounds of naked speed dating.That'd be so awkward."With all of their dates being streamed live on social media, fans got a sneak peek at the potential partners. It was a little bit awkward but he held it together really well and he was a really nice boy."After it was over, Shane moaned: "Marnie and I just had our first naked speed dates."I always like Marnie's guys more than I like my guys.This is going to be a problem recurring throughout the show." It makes a change that their co-star Casey Johnson was nowhere to be seen, as he and Marnie have struck up a close friendship during filming.Taking to Instagram, the singletons shared their nerves and showed just how naked they were.Marnie slipped into a gown reminiscent of her NTA's frock, going underwear free in the white lace dress.

Discussing his anxiousness, Shane mused: "What if I get a chubby while I'm on a naked speed date?"I'm doing okay," she said of their recent separation."The best that I think [I] can possibly be doing right now." But she's not wasting any more time being hung up on her ex. "I think 2017 is going to be a much better year for me than 2016.The character, created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos, first appeared in The Pulse #13 (March 2006).When Jessica Jones went into labor, the hospital she was at refused to deliver her baby forcing Luke Cage to take her to Doctor Strange via the quinjet. David "Dave" Campbell is a fictional character in Marvel Comics.

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