Twins dating same guy

Now you’re probably wondering how that family tree will work out.

Well, assuming they’re successful and can both get pregnant at the same time, the children would be sibling-cousins.

With two days until 2017, you didn’t think this year was going to end without another what-the-fuck worthy headline, did you? Meet identical twins Lucy and Anna De Cinque from Perth, Australia.

Lucy and Anna believe they are the “world’s most identical twins,” if that’s even possible.

That sounds like something out of a bad “redneck” joke, but it’s very true.

Michael explained: “I was so nervous, I was thinking everyone must know I’m about to get a blowjob”.

We do want to marry the same man and his name is Ben.” Although polygamy is on the books as illegal in Arizona, it has no punishment associated with it.

Many polygamists travel there to conduct technically illegal marriages.

“And now we’ve been thinking, how is this going to work?

Anna and Lucy De Cinque, 30, the self-proclaimed “world’s most identical twins” have announced via their You Tube channel that they plan on marrying the same man. I don’t really know,” they asked in the seven minute video which has been viewed more than 36, 000 times. #twinningiswinning #twinstagram #lovexy #xyskinspecialist #matching #marketing #proud #pretty #beautiful #gorgeous #global #business #socialmedia #facebook #inspiration #instagram #twitter #twinning #winning A photo posted by Anna Lucy De Cinque (@annalucydecinque) on If it’s not legally possible, they said they would just have “something small” like a commitment ceremony.

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The revelation came about when Zach was sick with a stomach bug and took a week off school.

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  1. I also got a number of private messages legitimately pointing out that I might have been dating the wrong type of people. Then there were the more serious comments about racism, which I took very seriously.