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"By working together in a very clear and tangible way we can safeguard children from online sexual predators." Those clicking on the icon will be given advice about how best to capture evidence and take copies of online discussions.

Instant messaging programs such as MSN Messenger are hugely popular and give people a way to swap text chat with friends they know are online.

The mating call of the barely post-pubescant teenager.

MSN Messenger was launched in 1999 to rival AOL’s popular AIM service - propelling the two into a battle to become the most-used instant messenger worldwide, the reported.

Microsoft said it had "millions" of MSN Messenger users in the UK.

Because the reporting is not anonymous CEOP hopes to filter out any nuisance or malicious reports of abuse.

He questioned me at the secret place a few weeks ago ...

He said he was going to call the cops." That teen answered back "cool." The other brother, meanwhile, received a message from Treber Boucher saying 'hey, what's up?

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CEOP said, if necessary, reports would be passed to police forces around the world to track down sexual predators.

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