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(external government link here : Treaty of Waitangi ) French settlers arrive at Akaroa just after the signing of the Treaty. Please be aware that this website is a personal homepage.It would therefore be wise to cross check information which I have presented here.

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Dumont d'Urville leads his own expedition and charts large sections of New Zealand's coastline in detail for the first time. Son of French escapees from the French Revolution, Baron Charles Philippe Hippolyte de Thierry returns to New Zealand with a group of French colonists, after having bought land from Hokianga chiefs.

Te Rauparaha commences his invasion of the South Island, from Kapiti Coast. William Hobson is instructed to establish British rule in New Zealand, which initially becomes a dependency of New South Wales.

The World Heritage Committee has designated 32 World Heritage Sites in Oceania.

These are in 11 countries, with the majority of sites being located in Australia.

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