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It's often considered too frou-frou and too overwhelmingly feminine and dark.However, there are a lot of elements of Victorian decorating that people still gravitate towards, so the look has been updated into something we call "modern Victorian".Most of the Victorian homes in San Francisco were built from 1870 to 1906, according to the Victorian Station website.Unlike other Victorian homes in the country, homes in the Bay area were constructed with local materials such as redwood.One day on his way to work, my husband called to let me know there is a very nice victorian home in Portage for sale by owner. One bedroom converted to kitchenette and laundry/utility room. In the basement miscellaneous air sealing and insulation, concrete foundation sealer and concrete floor sealer, new boiler, removal of a 3000 gallon steel oil tank, replacement of plumbing lines and pipes, replaced knob and tube electrical wiring and a service upgrade.Well, we were not planning to move, but we talked about owning an old victorian. CCTV system, Cat5 wiring and Home automation lighting.Victorian style has a tendency to be too dark (red, browns, blues) so to keep it fresh and modern go with lighter and paler colors. Victorian style is often associated with heavy wallpapers in patterns such as damask.

Our purchase of this victorian house was definitely an accident, and not a thought out planned decision. Here is a quick recap of how we became the current owners.

Then living in an older house, with its irregularities, may not be for you.

“I would do anything on earth to maintain the wavy glass in the windows, even if it means having a drafty room,” says Gambrel. But, if you’re not that person, then that’s not the right house for you.” Keep an eye out—especially around the ceilings, floors, and windows—for signs of water damage.

I could not wipe the huge smile off my face, which made the price negotiating hard.

We had to have it and we put money down that same day, not even worried about selling our other home.

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That could be a warning of serious structural issues. Also, bugs wet environments.” One of the areas of the structure to check for water damage is the sill plate.

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