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Albright / Noah's Mother / Old Lady / Old Woman / Operator / Others / Paper Boy / Parade Commentator / Pigs / Producer / Queen Elizabeth II / Receptionist / Saleswoman / Shauna Chalmers / TV Executive / Tina / Tyler / Woman #2 / Woman on Street / Woman with Baby / "Men" / "No, One!

Woman / Caitlin / Calypso Self-Knowledge / Cameron / Campsite Worker / Candy Cane / Carjacker / Carl's Sister / Carla Bruni-Sarkozy / Carol Jones / Carolyn / Cashier / Cat 815 / Cathy from Personnel / Centrefold / Channel 3 Reporter / Charo / Chat Show Host / Cheering croud / Child #2 / Child Under Trap Door / Chinese Choir / Chinese Woman Assassin / Choking Woman / Circe / Clara / Clara Peller / Clarice Dremond / Cleo / Clerk / Cletus's Son / Coffee Shop Manager / Comic Book Lady / Committe Chairwoman / Continuity Woman / Cookie Kwan's Baby / Cool Kid / Countdown P. / Court Attorney Woman / Creative Arts Emmys Presenter / Creepy Little Girl / Cregg Demon's Son / Cuban Airport Woman / Cuban Vendor Boy / Cybill Shepherd / Cyclist / Cyrus' Wives / DMV Worker / Dalia Brinkley / Dame Judith Underdunk / Daphne Beaumont / Dating Service Clerk / Davey / David / Dean / Debbie Pinson / Debutante's Mother / Delivery Woman / Dentist #1 / Devon / Dia-Betty / Diabetty / Diane (Network Executive) / Dilbert's Wife / Dinosaur Trainer / Disgusted Lady / Divorce Bureau Woman / Dottie / Dowager Grandmom / Dr.

This is often expressed in the form of asking who wrote that script.

[dresses in drag] Bugs Bunny: *I* play the female love interest! Frog, at the table behind Bugs, jumps up and begins to sing "Hello, My Baby"] Kate Houghton: Okay, about the crossdressing thing - then, funny; now, disturbing. Bugs Bunny: All those in favour of us *not* hitting that wall, say 'aye'.

Fifteen years since Babs had to check Sara’s incredibly controlling husband with the famous line, “You not in Da Band! ” Fifteen long years since Freddy P tried to put E Ness to sleep with a Philly rapper E.

Ness was known as the leader of the group, but lost his cool and infamously ended up coming to blows with fellow rapper Freddy P on more than one occasion.

For three seasons, viewers tuned in weekly to watch as the ragtag bunch tried their best to capitalize on the opportunity to create music together, all under the watchful eye of their then-boss P. Reality TV series were still a fresh idea and being allowed to peer into the process of creating stardom from scratch was captivating.

Even better, this crew always had their share of drama that made the show a required watch. That means it’s been nearly 15 years since six-person cast of artists gained notoriety for walking from Manhattan to Brooklyn because Diddy wanted some cheesecake.

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